Were You The Breakfast On That Charming Getaway

“Welcome to the Mosquito Inn”

(November 1, 2007, ATLANTA, GA) You spend weeks pouring over brochures and websites looking for that perfect getaway. After all, vacations aren't served up in luxurious 8 week blocks as they are in Europe. You've found just the right place, that cute little Inn near the water with the wrap-around veranda. But water means bugs! You can always count on the mosquitoes, but in the north they seem to invite their biting cousins, the "black fly, while along the coast, an armada of sand flies called "no-see-ums join the feeding party."

It's no accident that so many Inns have lovely porches, often in historic areas. Brochure photos of a porch conjure the imagination, “Wouldn’t it be nice to sit on those rocking chairs and watch the outdoors come to life?” Each genre of architecture has its own unique way of celebrating this inviting sanctuary. Yet sadly, a charming porch will often remain vacant during mosquito season as Innkeepers are reluctant to destroy its character with permanent screening. Do you risk ruining the look of an open porch with permanent screening, or risk the experience you've tried so hard to create?

screen porch 8

Outdoor curtains are an alternative to permanent screening to solve exactly this problem that is easily removable and complimentary to the porch. Outdoor curtains are washable and practical in a lovely bright white that provides for a warm clean look. Curtains may be attached using Velcro, hooks or aluminum tracking (used for hospital privacy curtains).

The company’s website, www.outdoorcurtains.com has shipped more than 4,000 orders in the first two seasons of operation to the architecture & design community in the United States and abroad. Outdoor curtains appeal to both operators of upscale properties who appreciate its pleasing aesthetics, and budgeted proprietors who appreciate a cost savings compared to a professionally installed framed screen.

The durable, knitted and heat-cured polyester is easy to care for and comes in three seamless neutrals: white, ivory and black. The airy Outdoor curtain is machine washable and is custom designed to fit most porch and gazebo configurations up to 12 feet in height. Outdoor curtains are delivered in 2-5 business days and installation is quick and easy.

A porch also is an extension of the common living space of an Inn where Innkeepers can differentiate themselves by offering outdoor dining, a place to meet new friends, or a comfortable chair to just kick back and relax. Outdoor curtains provide an elegant barrier to protect patrons from becoming the next meal.